Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers

Avoid The Uncertainty That Badly Drafted Wills Create

We encourage all our clients to make a will and to regularly review it. Younger clients do not always see making a will as a priority. But if you have just bought your first home, recently married or just started a family, you should always ensure that your wishes are recorded accurately.

Why You Need Specialist Advice

We spend a lot of time helping families deal with the repercussions of poorly drafted wills and handling the sensitivity around intestacy, when someone dies without leaving a will. Then specific rules come into play that exclude from inheritance long-term partners, stepchildren and close friends.

All of this brings home to us the need for specialist advice in relation to wills. Your will is a highly personal, confidential matter, and at TMA Legal in central London, an experienced solicitor will draft a bespoke will - only after taking complete instructions about your wishes.

Because we are highly trained and closely regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you can have confidence that your will is accurate, comprehensive and legally watertight.

Overseas Property And Taxation Issues

We offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of wills and estate planning. Some of our lawyers are Italian-qualified so we are often asked to advise on the most tax-efficient method of disposing of overseas property in wills and trusts.

As members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, we consult regularly with colleagues overseas on the latest developments in family inheritance and succession planning.

Changing Your Will

If you have already made a will and your circumstances have altered or you have changed your mind about how you wish to divide your estate, get in touch. We will be able to identify the issues quickly and prepare an updated will.