Employment Lawyers

Keeping Your Work On Track

When things go wrong at work, TMA Legal can help you sort them out - sensitively and speedily. We believe long, drawn-out disagreements are in no one's interests. For individual employees with grievances, any uncertainty about the future is distressing and damaging. For employers, energy spent on dealing with staff complaints is a wasted and irrecoverable company resource.

With advice that is strategic and cost-effective, TMA Legal helps employers and employees move on from those unwelcome situations no one wants to prolong.

Who Do We Represent?

Based in central London, we act for:

  • Employees - If you feel you have been treated badly at work, English law and European regulations are there to protect you. Our English and Italian lawyers have a deep understanding of employment law matters and the rights of the individual, including settlement agreements, discrimination, disciplinary and grievance procedures, your rights on termination of employment and Employment Tribunal claims.
  • Employers - Our corporate and commercial solicitors act for a diverse range of businesses across many industry sectors. In the course of our work, we highlight those issues we believe your business should address, including review of staff handbooks and contracts, directors' service agreements and regulatory compliance.
  • Italian employees - As an English law firm with both English and Italian lawyers, we are ideally positioned to offer advice to the growing number of young Italians now living in London and throughout England who face legal issues in the course of their employment in the U.K.