Commercial Lawyers

Attention To Detail, Risk Avoidance

At TMA Legal, we are first and foremost a team of English solicitors, serving the needs of businesses and their owners in London and across England. With perceptive advice developed from years of commercial law experience, we work strategically with you.

We spot the challenges to your success and confront them head on - before they become insurmountable.

But we have more to offer. With strong professional connections in Italy and the rest of Europe, and with Italian qualified lawyers among our team, we see things differently from colleagues in other law practices. 

In the commercial arena, our broad approach and international perspective are particularly valuable: Cross-border issues often arise subtly in transactions or negotiations. Questions of jurisdiction might not be obvious at first. They may be incidental to the main business, but still critical to the success of the deal. We never overlook them. 

Our advice is astute, commercially driven and cost-effective - whether the issues at stake are purely domestic or involve principles of European or international law.

Because we understand the corporate mind-set in other jurisdictions like Italy, we are always alert to potential commercial problems that could give rise to risky and costly litigation.

How We Can Help

We offer ad hoc advice on urgent matters our size and location mean we are able to react quickly and meaningfully when the situation demands.

But in most cases, we offer long-term, ongoing advice to clients we are familiar with, having spent the time necessary to understand their business goals. Our commercial work includes:

  • Business startups Advising on structure, finance, intellectual property, business premises and all matters key to setting up a business from scratch 
  • Commercial agreements Protecting your position from the start of relationships with suppliers and other commercial partners
  • Competition law Ensuring compliance with competition rules
  • Employment law Advising on responsibilities to employees, including overseas staff
  • Litigation and debt recovery Providing commercially sensitive and cost-effective advice on all types of commercial disputes