Trusts and Estates Lawyers

The desire to protect family wealth across generations is a natural instinct. From time to time, trusts and other perfectly legitimate tools for asset protection in England come under intense media scrutiny. Deployed in an intelligent and appropriate manner by skilled advisers, however, these instruments are a globally recognised and valuable resource.

Creating Clarity, Avoiding Confusion

At TMA Legal, we advise on all aspects of trust law, estate administration and related matters. This area of law is constantly evolving. As the traditional family unit and society as a whole become more diverse and fragmented, second families, civil partners and cohabitees all have potential claims on an individual's estate.

As a result, the need for precision when devising trusts and vigilance in managing those trusts is more critical than ever. At TMA Legal, our solicitors provide clarity, explaining the issues and ensuring that you understand the significance of every decision you make.

Our work falls into three categories:

  • Planning for the future - Including lifetime tax planning, estate planning and succession, trust establishment and management, and lasting powers of attorney 
  • Administration and division of assets after death - When a family member or other loved one dies, early legal intervention is often essential to ensure the effective management and protection of assets in the estate. We provide an efficient and streamlined probate and estate administration service, including advice on inheritance tax payment, preparation of estate accounts, payment of funeral and other estate expenses and final division of assets. We can also prepare post-death deeds of variation in appropriate cases. 
  • Foreign estate administration - In situations where the deceased had assets abroad, it is very important that the beneficiaries or the executors take advice from a solicitor who understands the complexities of local legislation as well as the general principles of private international law. Our dual-qualified solicitors can guide you through the process of transferring assets and dealing with inheritance tax abroad. 

Overseas Property Advice

Members of the firm belong to STEP, the worldwide body of estate and trust practitioners. We meet regularly to discuss developments in the law, assessing their impact on our clients.

Because we have Italian lawyers on the team, we have the capacity to advise on the protection of overseas property through trusts, lifetime gifts and other methods and to ensure that worldwide tax obligations are met as efficiently as possible.