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When a Joke becomes a Jeer

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TMA Legal

Welcome to Tanda Migliorini & Associates LLP (TMA Legal)

TMA Legal is an Anglo Italian law firm based in London, we offer clients far more than just outstanding legal advice, our English and Italian speaking lawyers have the breadth of expertise and specialist knowledge to best advise businesses on all legal aspects of their commercial activities as well as assisting with legal issues related to their personal affairs.

We provide our clients with the best innovative solutions with the right blend of commercial awareness, robust integrity and a large measure of legal flair.

Our lawyers are dually qualified (solicitors and avvocati) in UK and Italian law and being a UK firm, TMA Legal is regulated by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority.  We can help our business and private clients both in Italy and the UK with acquisitions, competition law, commercial agreements, dispute resolution, debt recovery, property and many other facets of commercial law. For Italian and British individuals we can assist with wills, probate, family, divorce, residential property and much more.

TMA Legal is committed to excellence, integrity and the best possible outcome for our clients' success; together we can advance your projects and protect your interests.

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Solicitors Code of Conduct

TMA Legal (Tanda Migliorini & Associates LLP) is regulated by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority

TMA Legal


Services for Businesses

Our astute lawyers provide  proactive efficient services for our commercial clients in the UK and Italy.


Services for Individuals

We provide individuals in a comprehensive range of legal services to assist them both in the UK and Italy.


Business Start-up

We have a comprehensive package to help launch businesses in the UK

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