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Debt Recovery Services UK and Italy

Nothing damages a business as much as not being able to collect its debts, except not being able to collect your overseas debts.  Trying to understand a foreign jurisdiction whilst struggling with a foreign language can make a bad situation worse.  Dealing with debt recovery and outstanding debts drains your time, profits and patience.  Whilst everyone wants to have more clients, a client is only a good client if the work they commission translates into revenue.

We can help you with your debt recovery in the UK and Italy.  Our litigation team is on the ball and has robust approach, especially for those debtors who strategically raise last minute queries to prolong the time taken before settlement.

Our able lawyers will advise you on the best debt recovery strategy to adopt based on your objectives and the prospect of success.  We work on the premise that every effort should be made to avoid litigation and the attendant costs where at all possible but it this proves to be unavoidable we will vigorously fight your corner.

Our clients want the money owed to them in their bank not their debtor's.

  • UK and Italian debt collection
  • Fixed price letter before action
  • Bilingual lawyers
  • Experienced litigation lawyers

We will get to know your business and always give you sound pragmatic advice, we will vigorously pursue your debtor but we will NOT encourage you to pursue a lost cause.

We have close relationships with a number of insolvency practitioners and can offer advice and assistance with creditor's meetings.

We make sure our clients don't work for nothing

for further information:
t: 020 3657 6890

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