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Competition Law

UK and EC competition law prohibits a variety of business practices, agreements etc. which are deemed to adversely affect fair trade by manipulating free trade in the market. There are severe consequences for breaching the law, up to five years imprisonment or unlimited fines or both for the most extreme behaviour.

Our clients need to know how to protect their market share in practical terms

This complex legal area requires specialist expertise and diligence to ensure that organisations are compliant and remain compliant. Our lawyers can provide businesses with coherent pragmatic advice that reflects their commercial needs on a raft of issues including:

  • Anti-competition practice
  • Consumer law
  • Merger control
  • Competition law compliance policies and guidelines

It is not uncommon for large organisations to attempt to intimidate smaller businesses but we will protect your business interests and fight for your best interests regardless of the opposition.

TMA Legal, standing firm against the giants

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